Saturday, 8 November 2008

TechEd Powershell Panel Discussion

After the TechEd Powershell Panel Discussion we all realised that none of us had arranged for a photo to be taken. :-(

We're still waiting for the video, so thought we could screengrab something of that, but Tobias found that someone else had put a photo they had taken of it on their blog.

From left to right below:

Me, Ben Pearce, Richard Siddaway, Dmitry Sotnikov, James O'Neill, Tobias Weltner, Jeffrey Snover and MoW.


Darin Pendergraft said...

ooohhhh - you are missing a huge opportunity here to fill in the thought bubbles over everyone's head....!!!

Jonathan Medd said...

Ha! Great idea - now where's photoshop.......?